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Long-Term Care insurance helps provide critical financial support if a chronic condition incapacitates you or a loved one for an extended time. As a large percentage of our population reaches their later years, the need for long-term care continues to grow as does the cost of that care. According to Kiplinger's Retirement Report, the cost of one year in a nursing home now averages almost $75,000 or about $192 per day for a private room. The average daily cost for assisted living is about $66 per day or about $24,000 per year. Home care costs for the chronically ill or disabled are about $12,000 per year.

And you don't have to be old to need Long-term Care. An estimated 10 million Americans need assistance from others to carry out everyday activities. Many of those are younger persons with injuries or illnesses that have caused them to be incapacitated. Doctors and hospitals are under tremendous pressure to get patients out a quickly as possible. Patients often got to a nursing home or assisted living facility to continue their recovery period. Often these stays are not covered by traditional health insurance coverage.

Realizing that the cost of nursing home, assisted living, and home care may exceed financial resources of people to pay for it, many insurance companies are offering Long-term Care insurance.

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