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Tolbert & Associates offers a wide variety of individual insurance products meet your specific situation and needs. Specialty insurance products include Student Insurance, Cancer, Accident, Critical Illness, and other supplemental plans. Most of these are designed to work with or in-addition-to your normal health insurance so that you can be covered and receive benefits beyond what your insurance pays to service providers. These plans can be vital at the time of need to provide additional money to cover things such as deductibles, co-payments, out-of-network charges, transportation to special treatment centers, everyday living expenses, and lost income.

Student Insurance

Student insurance provides college students with medical coverage. These policies are generally designed for students who are no longer covered by their parents' medical insurance. Many schools require that students have some type of health insurance coverage to attend. These plans are typically more affordable than traditional health plans.

Cancer Insurance

Cancer has devastating effects on families and individuals. Statistics tell us that 1-out-of-3 women and 2-out-of-3 men will face Cancer sometime in their lifetime. Medical insurance helps pay the majority of the medical costs but there are often many non-medical expenses associated with Cancer treatments such as transportation and lodging. Cancer insurance is designed to supplement your existing health care insurance and provides additional peace of mind.

Accident Insurance

Accidents are often part of everyday life. And often, we don't think about the accidental injuries, or even the accidental deaths, which can happen during the course of our everyday lives. Accident Insurance provides coverage for specific injuries and losses you may suffer in a covered accident including burns, dislocations and fractures.

Tolbert & Associates has many specialty insurance products to meet you needs. Please contact us today for more information.