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Tolbert & Associates has been providing unique employee benefit solutions to our clients since 1991.

In 2015 we joined Partners Benefit Group (PBG) in order to expand our benefits, technology, compliance and HR support solutions. PBG has 13 offices in Georgia servicing clients throughout the United States.

We provide Strategic Benefit Plans  that align with your Company Goals and Simplify  Your Business.

Stacy Tolbert, CEO

Stacy Tolbert

Our HRIS Portals

We provide instant access to all of your benefit administration needs with these powerful online tools. Each program is guaranteed to ease the burden of maintaining employee benefits, PTO, compliance and more.
Zywave offers materials, tools, and an expert team to address workforce issues and provide HR support. Click below to learn more about Zyawave.
Employee Navigator is an online, HR information system that streamlines the processes of onboarding, benefits, compliance, PTO and more.
Think HR is an integrated suite of HR knowledge, compliance tools, and training solutions supported by live HR experts. Click below to learn more.
Formfire makes the enrollment process a breeze. Client info is saved in one place so you don’t have to fill out the same information across multiple forms.

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HR Directors

We provide a custom benefits strategy that simplifies and streamlines the process saving you time.


Happy employees means better retention. We create plans that will help you retain your best employees for years to come.


Customizing a strategy that aligns with your company’s goals will save you money. Lots of money.
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Enrollment: As Easy as 1, 2, 3

We offer the best benefits experience. No more worrying about paper applications or logging into various carrier websites. Our online enrollment system is easy for employees to use, and if you prefer a more personal approach we offer a face-to-face employee consultation.


We provide benefits that will assist your HR department in running as efficiently as possible.


Tolbert & Associates understands the difficulties associated with running an HR department. We work with you to help streamline and simplify every aspect of the employee benefits process.

We provide access to powerful tools such as Employee Navigator, Formfire, Think HR, and more. Management of employee benefits has never been easier for our clients.

Ready to Simplify Your Process?

(478) 471-1035

(478) 471-1035

Ready to Simplify Your Process?

Learn, Live, Comply

ThinkHR provides resources that help you Learn better HR practices, allow you to talk Live with a representative about any questions you may have, and helps you Comply with ever-changing regulations.